Presidential Trivia: Questions

by Derrick G. Jeter

In the 224 years since the creation of the office of the presidency, only forty-four individuals have ever held the title: The President of the United States of America. On this Presidents’ Day, as we remember the men who have held the highest office in our land, here is a fun quiz of forty-four presidential questions to honor the club of 44.
✯ ✯ ✯
1. Who was the first man to received the title, “The President of the United States”?
2. Two former presidents died on the same day of the same year. Who were they and what was significant about their deaths?
3. Who were the only two presidents to be impeached?
4. Who won a Pulitzer Prize for writing a biography of a former president?
5. Which president provided the books to begin the Library of Congress?
6. Twice in America’s history a presidential father was followed to the White House by his son. Who were the father and son presidents?
7. Who was the only president born on the Fourth of July?
8. Two presidents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Who are they?
9. Who was both president and chief justice of the Supreme Court?
10. Only two presidents served in Congress after their presidencies. Who were they?
11. Who served as president for only one day?
12. Three men served as president in the same year. Who were they?
13. Who is on the $100,000 bill?
14. Which president use to “skinny dip” in the Potomac River?
15. Four presidents have been assassinated. Who were they?
16. Who is the only president to hold a postgraduate degree from Harvard University?
17. Who was the only president to hold an earned Ph.D.?
18. Who was the only president never elected to the presidency or vice presidency?
19. Who was the only bachelor president?
20. Which president was elected twice in non-consecutive elections, making him the 22nd and 24th president?
21. The popular candy bar Baby Ruth was named after the daughter of which president?
22. Which president and first lady first served ice cream from the White House?
23. Who coined the famous slogan for Maxwell House Coffee, “Good to the last drop”?
24. Who was the first president born outside of the original thirteen states?
25. Which president’s name and signature is on the moon?
26. Who was the first president born west of the Mississippi River?
27. Which four presidents have state capitals named after them?
28. Who gave the longest inaugural address?
29. Who gave the shortest inaugural address?
30. Who was the first president to have a telephone on his desk?
31. Which president served as a general on active duty after his presidency?
32. Who was the only president drafted by the National Football League?
33. Which president faced enemy fire while serving as commander in chief?
34. Which president was call “His Accidency”?
35. Who was the only president to graduate from medical school?
36. Who was the only newspaper publisher to become president?
37. Which president had his law license suspended?
38. Who was the only president conversant in four languages?
39. Who were the tallest and shorts presidents?
40. Which president was sworn in by his own father?
41. Only three presidents have served with no former presidents alive. Who were they?
42. Who was the only president to have also served as Speaker of the House?
43. Who was the president that was later elected to an office of the Confederacy?
44. Who was the president to change the name of the Executive Mansion to “the White House”?