50 Things Every Man Should Do

by Derrick G. Jeter

Recently I read a piece on fifty things men should know how to do. I thought putting together such a list was a good idea and would be a fun activity. So, here’s my list (with a little help from some friends) on fifty things every man should do or know how to do—given in no particular order, but starting with number one is never a bad idea.

  1. Submit to the authority of the only real man: Jesus Christ
  2. If you’re in a relationship: love your woman selflessly and exclusively
  3. If you have kids: discipline them in love
  4. Catch and clean fish
  5. Put the toilet seat down
  6. Read a map and use a compass
  7. Sharpen a knife
  8. Say “I love you” to your wife, children, and closest buddies—and mean it
  9. Say “I’m sorry” and “Forgive me” and mean it too
  10. Place your hand over your heart and sing the Star Spangled Banner at ball games
  11. Read your Bible, pray, and worship
  12. Control your temper and your tongue
  13. Give a firm handshake—no flimsy or fishy handshakes allowed
  14. Tell the truth—always
  15. Spit without drizzling down your chin or shirt
  16. Work hard and provide for your family
  17. Open doors for ladies and allow them to order their meals first
  18. Drive a manual car or truck
  19. Stand up to bullies and put them in their place
  20. Honor your father and mother
  21. Keep up with politics and vote
  22. Keep your word
  23. Read books—classics, history, and biographies
  24. Learn how to give a proper man hug
  25. Love your country and your state
  26. Clean and fire a gun without shooting yourself in the foot
  27. Whistle
  28. Set up a tent
  29. Start a fire without matches or lighter fluid
  30. Tell entertaining stories
  31. Wrestle and tickle with your kids
  32. Laugh a lot
  33. Say “Please” and “Thank you”
  34. Look people in the eye when you talk
  35. Listen when others talk—really listen, not to respond but to understand
  36. Cry when appropriate
  37. Play an instrument or sing
  38. Take your family on vacation
  39. Be the spiritual leader in your home
  40. Teach your boys to be gentlemen and your daughters to be ladies
  41. Treat others with respect
  42. Pee at night and hit the “bull’s eye”
  43. Clean the toilet (especially if you fail at #42)
  44. Speak well in front of an audience
  45. Type
  46. Put others before yourself
  47. Maintain your purity
  48. Be brave
  49. Live free
  50. Be a man