The Great American History Tour: Washington D.C.

by Derrick G. Jeter

Monday–Wednesday, 30 June–2 July 2008


Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors. (This gives you a glimpse into my mental ability—or lack thereof.). One of my favorite books is Oh, the Places You’ll Go. So, in the spirit of Dr. Seuss and his book I offer this little Seussian poem of our days in Washington D.C.



Oh, the Things We Saw in Washington’s Town


Oh, the things we saw in Washington’s town.


The Capitol Building, where a pocket knife makes every guard frown,

The International Spy Museum, where the kids snuck around,

The Washington Monument, where at the top D.C. is in the round,

The WW II, Vietnam, and Korean War Memorials, where you bow your head down,

The Lincoln Monument, where his presence and words makes your heart pound,

The FDR Monument, where the best thing to see is the President’s hound,

The Thomas Jefferson Monument, where words of God should always sound,

The Holocaust Museum, where you remember souls crushed and ground,

The White House, where tours inside could not be found,

The National Archives, where words of Independence and Union are our crown,

The Natural History Museum, where dinosaurs and critters abound,

The Air and Space Museum, where planes and rockets break earth’s bound.


These are the things we saw in Washington’s town.